Through the years, I have had the privilege of exploring magic countries and of getting in touch with far away and fascinating civilizations. The spontaneity and naturalness with which I’ve been welcomed by the local people has encouraged my photographic research, allowing me to grasp life stories without filters and to capture the emotional richness of an instant. It was not necessary to create anything; my job was that of understanding, knowing and letting others know. Facing the extraordinary complexity of the world, a confrontation arouse, which was at times painful, but usually also a source of enrichment, surprise and wonder. Along the last years, I have felt the urge to document difficult realities that, even if far from the Western world, cannot be ignored, since they interweave and collide with our humanity and our history. This journey came hand in hand with some stylistic choices. B&W is combined with a geometric perspective that sculpts the repetitiveness and the oppressing working conditions in Bangladesh, the desolation of the slums, the soberness of elegance and the purity of beauty. My work also aims at being a testimony of the joy and harmony that reveal in some villages I have visited. Joyous and self-sufficient islands in which traditions are the real driving force and folklore reflects in a celebration of art, life and colors.


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